Allied Merke Institutes’ Thermocap


During the early 1900s a flood of gadgets and remedies for baldness entered the market. Many of them probably did not work, but that did not stop people from buying and trying them out. Hey, trying is half the battle. LOL. One of those gadgets was The Thermocap by Allied Merke Institute made in the 1923. This product promoted that it would stimulate dormant hair follicles. The way it would work is that a person would put it on and for fifteen minutes a day heat and blue lights would stimulate the dead hair bulbs and hopefully generate hair growth. The Thermocap was high tech at the time and was an actual remedy for baldness in a time when hair transplants was still far away.

Anti-aging or cosmetic products were not limited to just women in the early 1900s. Similar to today, men and women put a lot of stock into their looks. In the 1920s, there was an influx of “noble” culture fueled by the youth rebellion and personal independence. A person’s public image became important and having hair, for men, was important. It was important because a head full of hair was a sign of virility and masculinity and for men that was the image they would want to project. Also in the 1920s, people were busier and this product was aimed for the working man. People only needed fifteen minutes a day to use this gadget effectively. Products like this still exist today; products that promote life changing results for little work or time. Most of the time those products do not yield positive results and the Thermocap did not either.



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